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Black Bear Hunts in Alberta Canada

Alberta Bush Adventures offers spring and fall black bear hunting. Each season, monster black bears are taken in our camps with the top end in the 7.5 foot plus 500 pound range as well as smaller bears. Our success on our black bear hunts is around 160% as both of our hunting camps have a two bear limit. Our hunting areas produce large bears and boast some of the best colored bears anywhere. An average 25% of the bears range from blond to cinnamon to dark brown. We stress that hunters should try and harvest a quality black bear rather than two small bears.
Baited and spot and stalk black bear hunting hunting can be very exciting and productive. We hunt over active baited stands with permanent tree stands with ground blinds sometimes used. A portable stand may be used to take advantage of a good opportunity at a quality black bear. Length of shots average about 20 to 100 yards for rifle hunters. Black bear bowhunting in Northern Alberta can be quite productive as well. A hunter needs to be patient and selective in order to obtain a quality black bear in the Pope & Young Class. Length of shots average about 15 to 20 yards for bow hunters.

Our Black Bear Hunts

6 Day Spring Black Bear Hunts- Peace River Camp - 2 Bear Licence

The Peace River Camp in Northern Alberta offers excellent opportunities for a colour phase bear.

6 Day Black Bear & Waterfowl Combo Hunt - Peace River Camp

Fall black bear hunts combined with some hot action of waterfowl hunting.

6 day Black Bear Hunts - Rainbow Lake Camp - 2 Bear Licence

This is a tent camp facility and is situated on the shore of Rainbow Lake. We hunt black bears both spring and fall from this camp.

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