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Moose Hunts in Alberta Canada

Alberta Bush Adventures has a limited number of moose hunts available each year. The terrain in this part of Alberta is mostly flat, heavily wooded with aspen, spruce, birch and willow forests. Muskegs, creeks and small lakes are prevalent.

Our Moose Hunts

10 day Rut Hunts Moose - Rainbow Lake Camp

These moose hunts take place during the rut in late September and early October. Moose harvested range in size to 1500 pounds or more and yield antlers in the 45-50 inch range - the top end of mature bull moose is in the 50 inch class. Hunters can expect 75% opportunity on quality bull moose.

10 day Moose-Black Bear Combo Hunt - Rainbow Lake Camp

This moose hunt and black bear hunt takes place in September and early October during the moose rut. Monster black bears are taken in our camp each season with a success rate of 160% as Rainbow Lake camp is situated in WMU 536 (Wildlife Management Unit) which is a 2-bear licence area. This is an exciting adventure with a great possibility to harvest 3 trophy animals.

7 day Moose Hunt- Peace River Camp

These moose hunts take place in November post-rut. Spot & stalk your trophy moose in the boreal forests of the Peace River area of Northwest Alberta. This moose hunt offers a great opportunity for some of the best tasting wild meat.Calling, stalking and still hunting are methods used for moose hunting. Transportation during the moose hunt provided by All terrain vehicles and boats. Length of shots average about 100 yards but some situations can require a 250-300 yard shot.

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